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Chelsea & Calen


Our love for the planet, its gifts, and its people, is what has helped turned our small dream into reality. It's our passion to share the benefits of natural products and a natural way of living with the people in our community. We took the time to really explore our ingredients and our formulas, and as we shared, our dream grew!

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Our Mission

Everyone deserves the best that Earth has to offer! That’s why we use what Earth has given us, to bring you the highest quality, all-natural soaps, lotions, scrubs, and serums! 

Our Vision

is to help our community appreciate the gifts of this planet through a product line that encapsulates the smells and sensations that only natural products offer.


CEO/Events Coordinator

 Originally from Omaha, NE.

Chelsea moved to Florida in 2018 to begin her healing journey. After seeing the results of these products for Calen and her friends/family, she was eager to help share them with the world.


Founder/Product Specialist

 Originally from Covington, KY. Calen moved to Florida in 2015 where his desire to live a healthy/natural lifestyle really began. After struggling to find the perfect product to help with his psoriasis, he started creating his own. 

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